A Grand Camp In The Adirondacks For Sale

Adirondack League Club

The Adirondack League Club was founded in 1890 as a hunting and fishing preserve.  Today the club offers its members a unique, and in many ways, unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the Adirondacks.   The preserve holds over 53,000 acres of pristine forest lands which includes thirty lakes, three miles of West Canada Creek and ten miles of the South Branch of the Moose River.  From it's inception the Club has worked with professional foresters and ichthyologists to properly maintain and preserve it's pristine forest lands and waters.*  

There are three lake communities on the ALC preserve.  Each lake has private homes and a clubhouse with overnight accommodations and seasonal dining rooms.  

The Lodge at Little Moose Lake, designed by A.D. Shepard, is a gracious and architecturally significant summer building. It can accommodate parties of over 300 yet offers a cozy dining experience for couples that want to get away for the evening.  In addition to dinner the Little Moose Lodge serves breakfast and lunch during the summer in the dinning room and on the patio overlooking the lake.  The bar serves as a welcoming evening gathering place for friends both old and new. 

The winter lodge at Little Moose offers year round accommodations and seasonal dining.  The lodge has a lovely sitting room with fireplace and a separate bar with fireplace. The building has free wireless internet access year round.

There are 8 fully serviced cabins near the Little Moose clubhouse available for rent.  The cabins vary in size, but all have a kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, fireplace and porch looking out to the lake.

There is a large club boathouse at Little Moose with a sand beach.  The upper floor of the boathouse is available for smaller private parties and dances.  Little Moose Lake itself is approximately 1 mile wide by 3 miles long and is filled with the cleanest and most refreshing Adirondack mountain water.

The Club maintains 11 outlying camps located on various lakes and points on the rivers.  These cabins are used throughout the year as daytime and overnight destinations for families, fisherman and hunters alike.  The cabins typically have two to three bedrooms with beds.  They have indoor wood stoves, outdoor fire pits and are stocked with wood and other camp essentials. The cabins do not have heat or electricity, making them the ideal location to become totally unplugged and enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

There are endless sources of entertainment, including but not limited to: 3 outdoor wooden tennis courts (2 rebuilt in 2011), an extensive network of well maintained hiking and cross-country ski trails, dirt roads ideal for mountain biking and off roading, a sporting clay course, a rifle range, hunting, fishing, sailing, rowing, kayaking, bridge with friends at the clubhouse, a summer recreation program for the kids, family bingo night, two yearly dances, weekly evening picnics at the picnic grounds and, of course, the many popular outlying camps and scenic destinations. 

In addition to the extensive recreational facilities at the Club there are many opportunities for off campus fun.  Follow the link to Old Forge to find out more.

It must be noted that motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on Little Moose Lake.  Snowmobiles are also not allowed on the preserve.  However, there are many businesses in town that offer motorboat and snowmobile rentals and storage. Old Forge is known as the snowmobile capital of New York State.  

*Objectives of the founders as stated in the ALC constitution:
(1) The preservation and conservation of the Adirondack forests and the proper protection of game and fish in the Adirondack Region. (2) The establishment and promotion of an improved system of forestry. (3) The maintenance of an ample preserve for the benefit of its members for the purposes of hunting, fishing, rest and recreation.

Aerial View of Little Moose Lodge, Boathouse and Tennis Courts